The Ibex 35 adds 2.65% weekly and recovers the level of the 9,400 points:

  • Volatility:Volatility was installed in the European stock markets on a day conditioned by the quarterly expiration of options and futures. After trading in a range of 150 points, the Ibex 35 closed the session with a 0.77% advance, to 9,412.8 points and with a trading volume of 3,172 million. In the week, the Spanish selective rose 2.65%..
  • Filtering: The proxy may refuse to respond to any requests if it detects that they are prohibited.
  • Modification: As an intermediary, a proxy can falsify information, or modify it following an algorithm. :)

What is a proxy

In general, the use of an intermediary can lead to:

  • Our free proxy server allows you to do just that. A proxy server is a computer in a different place that can be used to pass along requests from other websites. For example, if you want to see YouTube, Twitter, Facebook ... etc you send your request to the proxy, and then pass it along to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook ... etc. When Youtube, Twitter, Facebook ... etc responds, the answer goes back to the proxy, and back to you. Since the IP address of the proxy server is not blocked, the firewall allows the traffic through as it would normally.
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Foreign exchange market

The forex market, also known as Forex (abbreviated to the English term Foreign Exchange). FX or Currency Market, is a decentralized and global market in which currencies are traded.:

  • This market was born with the objective of facilitating the monetary flow that is derived from international trade. It is by far the largest financial market in the world, moving a daily volume of transactions of about five trillion US dollars (USD), more than all other stock markets on the planet combined. It has grown so much that, at present, the total foreign exchange operations that are due to international operations of goods and services represent an almost residual percentage, most of them being the purchase and sale of financial assets. Consequently this market is quite independent of actual trading operations and the variations between the price of two currencies can not be explained exclusively by changes in trade flows.
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